Wholesale Pricing Discount
Wholesale app for Shopify that offers
Wholesale Pricing Discount is a Shopify Wholesale app that makes selling wholesale on Shopify easy and fast. With just a few clicks, transform your current Shopify store into a complete D2C + B2B wholesale experience for your customers.
Trusted by 12,000+ Shopify Wholesale Merchants Globally
Increase in average order value.
Increase in overall order volume.
Hours saved per week.
Personalized Shopify Wholesale Pricing
With Wholesale Pricing Discount, you can tailor pricing and discounts uniquely for each customer. This means Customer A can receive one price, while Customer B gets another, and so on - allowing for personalized pricing strategies.
Percentage Discounts
Individual Variant Pricing
Volume Discounts/Tiered Pricing
Prices and discounts based on customer tags
Custom pricing on selected products
Wholesale Signup form
Quickly onboard new wholesale customers with a custom B2B registration form and add them to your store’s navigation for easy access.
Personalized onboarding for wholesale customers
Customize the wholesale registration form as per your need
Auto-tag wholesale customers
Show form on the store’s navigation
Net Payment Terms
Give your B2B customers the flexibility to pay with Net Terms enabling them to manage their cash-flows more efficiently, and encouraging repeat business.
Set payment terms in B2B transactions like Net 15, 30, 45, 60 and so on
Set automated payment reminders to your B2B customers via Email and SMS
Set early payment discounts for customers that clear invoices before due dates
Prices and discounts based on customer tags
Customize your wholesale net terms checkout form
Wholesale Discount Codes
Create occasional Wholesale discount codes to be used by customers at checkouts. Customize the discount codes for specific products or for specific customers.
Percentage based Discount codes
Fixed amount discount codes
Set discount code active dates
Set usage-based limits
Advanced Shipping
Set wholesale shipping rates for your B2B customers based on various parameters like minimum and maximum price.
Shopify flat rate shipping
Percentage of total price
Multiple shipping rules based on price/weight
Add advanced shipping rules to net checkout form
Manual Orders
With Wholesale Pricing Discount, you can also create B2B orders manually for the customers you want and add specific discounts, pricings, payment terms, and advanced shipping rates.
Create wholesale orders for your not so tech savvy wholesale customers
Apply Wholesale Pricing Discounts quickly
Add a dedicated wholesale section to your website within 10 minutes
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Reasons why Wholesale Pricing Discount is your go-to Shopify wholesale app
Wholesale requires personalized selling
Wholesale selling is different from retail, where your wholesale customers require customized sales processes. From onboarding to order fulfillment, Wholesale Pricing Discount allows you to offer a personalized wholesale experience to your B2B customers.
More sales volumes
By offering shopify volume pricing, quantity breaks, and bulk discount, you can incentivize larger orders, effectively increasing your overall sales and average order volume.
Flexible payment terms
Net payment terms allow you to offer your customers the flexibility to order now and pay later. This increases trust and encourages repeat purchase behaviors.
Easy integration
Designed specifically for Shopify stores, Wholesale Pricing Discount easily integrates with your Shopify store. Plus, if you use 3rd party Shopify apps, the team will provide all the assistance needed to ensure a smooth integration with your Shopify ecosystem.
See Wholesale Pricing Discount in action
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How to start using Wholesale Pricing Discount with your Shopify Store?
Try app for free
Install the app
Install Wholesale Pricing Discount app from the Shopify App Store.
Integrate and set up
Choose a Dedicated Wholesale Section or integrate WPD in your existing Shopify theme.
Create your discount groups
Start by creating custom pricing rules for different customer groups and set up volume discounts, tiered pricing, and special offers.
Configure wholesale settings
Create different pricings, shipping properties, payment terms, discount codes, etc. and start catering to your wholesale customers.
In the words of fellow Wholesale merchants
We're really enjoying the wholesale discount app, it's completely change our entire operation, providing us with more freedom and less admin to concentrate on other things within the business.

It can be a little tricky to navigate to begin with, and there are particular nuances needed to be learn along the way but the customer service is EXCELLENT, making the experience a very positive one.Recommend!
We have been so impressed with this app and the team that supports it. After looking at a number of Wholesale apps, this one was the clear winner with a robust feature set, slick UI (both customer facing and admin), plenty of customization options to align the look/feel with our brand, and fair pricing. We have also required some very specific customizations for our business and they have done the work for us quickly, accurately, and at a very reasonable hourly rate. Wish all Shopify apps were this good!
Loving this app! The support team are incredibly responsive and helpful. Meets my needs with all the different levels of discounts and shipping rates without being overly complicated! Highly recommend.
An amazing app and an amazing support team. I was looking for an app that provides me with all the necessary functions, but I didn't find it early enough. As a result, I hired a custom developer to integrate a wholesale section into my store, but I wasn't satisfied with the results. In the end, the Wholesale Pricing Discount App offers me all the features I need, and the support team resolves every issue and keeps me updated.I highly recommend the APP
Have been using the wholesale app for a little over two years now. It certainly has made life a lot easier having a portal where customers can directly place wholesale orders. Customer support has been great at assisting us when we run into any problems. They also found ways to make the app work for us even though we are using other apps that are not compatible with the wholesale app.
We've had a bumpy road navigating from WooCommerce to Shopify, however Wholesale Helper has been great with support and directly reaching out to help us with some challenges switching our platforms. We use all three of the modules and it works well with our theme to provide a professional looking Wholesale store. Thanks to Seth and his team for making us a priority and getting the changes we needed into our production environment. Only reason not four stars is that we're still working on traffic, but that isn't WH- hope to see that improve in the near future.
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