The Black Friday and Cyber Monday season presents a golden opportunity for all e-commerce businesses that want to push their sales to off-the-charts levels. This year, Black Friday falls on 29th November 2024, and Cyber Monday on 2nd December 2024, so now is the perfect time to optimize your online store for your customers on these busy shopping days.

Here are 5 proven ways to top Black Friday sales by providing an exceptional shopping experience to your customers.

1. Prepare inventory and logistics

Before stepping into any kind of planning to sell your products on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. It is very important to make sure all your logistics are arranged and the product inventory is fully stocked with the items you will sell in this peak shopping season. This will save you a lot of time and hassle, ensuring your valued customers receive their orders on time and without facing any order shipping or delivery issues.

You can take care of all this using third-party apps for inventory management and logistics.

increase sales on black friday

2. Offer enticing promotions and discounts

The main reason e-commerce stores see a rise in customer sales and revenue is due to the lucrative offers and promotions they offer to their customers. When you confirm that you have enough product inventory and your logistics are sorted then you can focus on crafting your promotional offer strategy. You can offer a variety of discounts to your customers, for example:

Offering these kinds of discounts will provide real value to your customers and entice them to make a purchase on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

black Friday sales

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3. Provide desktop and mobile shopping experience

According to the several reports that we studied about device-specific shopping trends on Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons (in years 2022 and 2023), we discovered that the online retailers received more number of traffic to their stores from mobile users but less number of conversion rates as compared to the desktop users. Here are the stats from one of Adobe’s reports on shopping trends in the US.

Holiday season online shopping revenue stats of desktop and mobile devices. Black Friday sales

Therefore, it is recommended that you should not go all in for providing only a mobile-specific shopping experience to your customers. Instead, focus on optimizing your store design and customer purchase journey for both mobile and desktop device conversion. Make sure you also focus on the speed and performance of your store.

To customize your store for BFCM sales, you can use page builder apps.

create landing page for shopify Black Friday

4. Create urgency to increase sales

Just like discounts and offers, urgency also plays an important role in most of the buying decisions for purchasing a product online. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale season, optimizing your store to create a sense of urgency is like cherry on top to increase your product sales.

Here are some ways you can implement this on your e-commerce store:

  • Adding a countdown timer on product and checkout pages or on the front page of your store.
  • Adding an announcement bar at the top of your store for limited-time deals like free shipping and % discounts.
  • Adding ‘limited stock availability’ labels on your featured or most sold products.
  • Showing live customer order popups.
  • If you have a separate collection for discounted discounts, add labels like ‘deals of the day‘ or ‘huge discounts on these products‘.

Doing all this will encourage your customers to make quick decisions and not miss out on the BFCM deals.

creating urgency to increase sales during Black Friday

5. Utilize marketing channels to promote your BFCM deals

No matter how much you optimize the discounts and offers in your store for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it will be meaningless if potential customers cannot find their way to your store unless they are already loyal or existing customers.

To attract new customers and top Black Friday sales this holiday season (or any time of the year), you must promote your products or even your entire store through effective marketing channels.

Here are some of the best ways you can promote your Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale:

  • List your BFCM deals on coupon and cashback platforms.
  • Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to post your promotional deals.
  • Send newsletter/email campaigns to your existing customers.
  • Collaborate with relevant influencers or bloggers and ask them to give a shoutout.
  • Run Google Ads and Facebook Ads for your best-selling products with a BFCM discount.

These marketing channels with help you reach a wider audience for your BFCM sale. Don’t forget to use attractive visuals and graphics to make your promotional posts stand out from your competition.

Black Friday sales

Final Thoughts

We hope that these proven ways will help you top Black Friday sales or any other holiday sales on your online store in the future.

By taking care of inventory management, offering enticing discounts and promotions, providing a seamless shopping experience on both desktop and mobile devices, creating urgency, and utilizing effective marketing channels, you can boost your sales and revenue during these peak shopping seasons.

Also, remember to continuously track and analyze your sales data to make informed decisions for future optimizations.

Good luck with your BFCM sale! Happy selling!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BFCM?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are annual sales events that mark the beginning of the holiday shopping season. These days are known for their significant discounts and deals across various e-commerce platforms, offering a prime opportunity to increase Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday revenues.

Why should I stock up inventory before BFCM?

Stocking up on inventory before BFCM is crucial to ensuring that you can meet the high customer demand these sales events generate. A well-stocked inventory helps prevent stockouts, ensuring that your customers aren’t disappointed and contributing to an increase in Black Friday sales and a smooth shopping experience.

What kind of discounts can I offer on increase Black Friday Sales?

For BFCM, consider a range of discounts such as percentage off, buy one get one free, free shipping, or even tiered pricing. These discounts are not only attractive but also versatile, catering to different customer needs and preferences. By carefully selecting and offering these types of discounts, you can significantly increase Black Friday sales and customer satisfaction.

Why is it important to optimize my store for both desktop and mobile?

With a growing number of shoppers using both desktop and mobile devices to browse and shop, optimizing your e-commerce store for both platforms is essential. This ensures a seamless shopping experience, reducing bounce rates, and increasing conversion rates. A responsive and fast-loading website on both desktop and mobile can significantly increase Black Friday sales as customers enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

How does creating urgency help increase sales?

Creating a sense of urgency can motivate customers to make quicker purchasing decisions, fearing they might miss out on a good deal. Tactics like countdown timers for deals, limited stock alerts, and flash sale announcements can create this urgency. Implementing these strategies effectively can help increase Black Friday sales by encouraging customers to act fast and complete their purchases.

What are some ways to create urgency in my store?

To create urgency and thus increase Black Friday sales, consider adding countdown timers on your site, showcasing limited-time offers, or displaying limited stock availability for popular items. These tactics not only encourage quick decision-making but also enhance the shopping experience by making it more dynamic and exciting.

Why is marketing important for BFCM sales?

Effective marketing is key to maximizing your BFCM sales potential. It helps to spread the word about your deals and promotions, reaching both new and existing customers. Utilizing a mix of email marketing, social media promotion, and paid advertising can significantly increase Black Friday sales by ensuring your offers reach a broad audience.

What platforms can I use to promote my BFCM deals?

For promoting BFCM deals, leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ads can be highly effective. These platforms offer the ability to target specific demographics, increasing the visibility of your promotions. A well-planned campaign on these platforms can significantly increase Black Friday sales by driving traffic to your store.


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