In today’s competitive and fast-growing e-commerce world, choosing the perfect platform to run your online store is essential. With many available e-commerce platform options, Shopify stands out as the for various reasons. With Shopify’s increasing popularity in the last few years, 2024 is expected to be another milestone year for the platform and its users. There are many reasons to use Shopify as an e-commerce platform for your online business – whether it is due to its ease of use and robust features or its appealing interface for both newcomers and experienced business owners.

Shopify is straightforward to set up and manage, meaning you can build your Shopify store without technical skills. Now, let’s take about what is Shopify and 12 compelling reasons to use Shopify in 2024 to run your online business successfully.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for people to create their online stores. It serves as an all-in-one solution that hosts your online store, handles payment processing, and manages all aspects of your business from inventory to customer data. Shopify is made to be extremely user-friendly, enabling people to set up and run their online stores without having solid technical knowledge. 

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Shopify also has an app store for you to find various app extensions for your e-commerce store. Whether you need tools for email marketing, setting up wholesale on Shopify, SEO, or customer loyalty programs, Shopify’s marketplace likely has an app that fits your needs. 

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12 reasons to use Shopify in 2024

#1. Easy to setup & run your online business

One of the main reasons why store owners love Shopify is because it is super easy to use and provides a simple place where even those new to e-commerce can quickly get started with creating their online stores. The dashboard is intuitively designed, allowing users to easily upload products, configure settings, and track sales without prior technical knowledge. 

depiction of shopify's easy to use dashboard

Furthermore, Shopify’s interface is designed to handle everything from product management to your marketing needs. This ensures that managing every aspect of your store is easy, and efficient, allowing you to focus more on your business goals and less working on complicated software.

#2. Variety of available themes & templates to choose from

With Shopify, you get a large number of themes and template options to help you design your store the way you want. These templates can be easily customized and are responsive in design, meaning they automatically adapt to the user’s screen size. 

variety of themes options on Shopify

Since you can fully customize these themes, it allows you to create the look of your store that resonates with your brand colours and styles and ensures design consistency throughout your business.  

#3. Built-in payment processing for seamless transactions

Accepting payments is a big part of an e-commerce store and Shopify simplifies the payment process by integrating a secure, built-in system that supports different types of payment methods. This feature ensures seamless transactions directly on your site and makes it easy for website visitors to complete purchases on your store.

Built-in Payment Processing for seamless transactions on your store

Shopify allows you to integrate various payment platforms like Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, Adyen, Worldpay, etc. This enables you to offer a payment gateway that your customers would trust the most.

#4. Reliable & fast customer support to address your queries

Shopify’s customer support is super proactive and helps you with any issues that might arise. This reliable service means you can get help with any issues urgently.

Reliable and proactive customer support to address queries

Besides real-time support, Shopify also offers a comprehensive help centre that includes forums, tutorials, and FAQs. These resources provide quick solutions and help you to resolve issues in your store independently.

#5. SEO Features to help you rank your store in Google

Shopify also offers SEO features that ensure that your store ranks well in search engine results for the related keywords that you use. This brings organic traffic to your site without incurring the constant cost of ads.

SEO features for your store to get organic traffic

The platform allows you to easily modify meta descriptions, titles, and image alt tags to optimize each page and product for search engines. These SEO tools are super important for increasing your online presence and can significantly impact the sales that you make by boosting your searchability.

Shopify also has multiple integrations with ad channels like Google and YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. which helps store owners to set up marketing directly on these channels. 

#6. Mobile optimizations

Mobile optimization is key in today’s market, as more and more people surf the internet on mobile and Shopify excels in this area. The platform makes sure that your online store functions seamlessly on smartphones.

depiction of Shopify's mobile optimisation feature

This mobile readiness not only provides a better shopping experience for users but also positively impacts your SEO rankings. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites, so Shopify’s mobile optimization helps your store rank higher in search results, attracting more mobile shoppers. And the best part, the themes that the store provides automatically adjust to the user’s screen size, hence you don’t have to put extra effort into manually making your store’s site responsive.

#7. Shopify App Store with thousands of 3rd party apps

One of the biggest advantages of Shopify is the vast app marketplace that it offers. The apps in Shopify App Store allow store owners to extend the functionality of their store with various available apps. Whether you need tools for bundle offerings, accounting, inventory management, selling wholesale, customer relationship management, bulk ordering or running a loyalty program, there’s likely an app that fits your needs.

depiction of shopify's large app store

These apps are super easy to use and also integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store, enabling you to create a tailored shopping experience that can evolve as your business grows. This flexibility is one of Shopify’s strongest features, allowing for customization and scalability without the need for expensive custom software.

#8. Unmatched security of your store

Shopify’s security is another big advantage of the platform. It has implemented industry-standard measures to protect your store and customers. As a PCI DSS-compliant platform, Shopify meets all six categories of PCI standards, providing peace of mind for both store owners and shoppers.

shopify security is one of the reasons to use shopify

The platform’s focus on security doesn’t just protect against data breaches; it also reassures your customers that their personal and payment information is safe.

#9. Detailed analytics and sales metrics to your increase sales

One of Shopify’s biggest advantages is its scalability. The platform can support your business in every part of your growth, from earliest days to large-scale operations. As your business grows and you get more traffic and sales, Shopify has the infrastructure to handle massive traffic and sales smoothly.

scalability of a shopify store

Also, you can upgrade your Shopify plan easily. This means you can start with a basic plan and scale up as your business expands, ensuring that your store always has the resources it needs to succeed.

#10. Ability to take your business global with Shopify Markets

Shopify makes it easy for you to reach customers around the world with its global e-commerce capabilities with Shopify Markets. The platform can support different languages and global currencies, which facilitates selling internationally.

Ability to make your business go global

Shopify also offers tools and features like international shipping set-up, and local payment processing, international/regional taxes like VAT, etc.. This makes it super easy for you to expand your business and cater to customers from around the globe.

#11. Easily recover abandoned carts

With Shopify, you can also automate emails and messages to people who added items to their carts but ended up not completing the purchase. With this feature, you can automatically send emails to customers, reminding them of their abandoned items and encouraging them to return to your store to complete their purchase.

Recover customers who didn’t complete their purchases

The automated process saves you time and also increases the conversion rate of your store.

#12. Educational resources for you to learn and grow your store

Shopify also has a lot of educational resources for you to learn from. These include detailed tutorials, insightful webinars, and active community forums. With these resources, you can learn best e-commerce practices, and fix minor issues yourself.

educational resources at shopify

Shopify’s educational materials can help enhance your understanding of e-commerce and improve your store’s performance.

Some famous brands that use Shopify in 2024

a. Fitbit

Fitbit designs and manufactures wearable fitness trackers to monitor physical activity, sleep, and other health metrics.

example of a great shopify store - fitbit

b. Gymshark

Gymshark is a fitness apparel brand that offers stylish and functional workout clothing designed to enhance performance and inspire confidence during exercise.

gymshark shopify website

c. Hyatt Hotels Corp

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a global hospitality company that runs luxury hotels and resorts.

hyatt hotel shopify website

d. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is a beauty brand that offers a range of cosmetics products. It is founded by Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner shopifu website

e. Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz is an FNB company that produces a wide range of consumer favourites including condiments, packaged foods, and beverages.

kraft heinz shopify website

f. Decathlon

Decathlon is a sporting goods retailer that offers a wide range of affordable and high-quality sports equipment, apparel, and accessories for various sports and outdoor activities.

decathlon site is built on shopify

g. Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a fashion footwear brand known for its trendy and innovative shoe designs, offering a wide variety of stylish boots, heels, sneakers, and accessories.

steve madden website is also built on shopify

h. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a luxury fashion brand founded by the renowned British designer Victoria Beckham. The brand offers sophisticated and elegant clothing, accessories, and eyewear that epitomize modern luxury and timeless style.

Victoria Beckham's website is another great example of shopify website

Summing up

In conclusion, Shopify offers you a powerful yet user-friendly platform that’s perfect for businesses of all sizes. Some of the biggest reasons to use Shopify in 2024 are the customizable templates, superb customer support, reliability, scalability, mobile-optimised stores, the vast range of 3rd party apps, global market support, and integration with payment platforms.

It doesn’t matter if you are just planning to start your e-commerce store or are already running one and want to switch platforms, Shopify has the infrastructure to serve both levels of operations. Choosing Shopify in 2024 means investing in a platform that grows with your business, continually adapting to the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Shopify better than other e-commerce websites?

Shopify stands out due to its user-friendly interface, making it easier for anyone to start and manage an online store. It also offers features such as built-in payment processing, SEO tools, and extensive app integrations for businesses of all sizes.

Selling on Shopify vs marketplace. Which is better?

Selling on Shopify offers more control over your store’s design, customer experience, and data compared to selling on a marketplace. This control can lead to building a stronger brand and potentially higher profit margins.

Where is Shopify most used?

Shopify is used by stores in more than 175 countries, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. It’s widely used due to its ease of setup and flexibility in handling different e-commerce needs.

What makes Shopify special?

Shopify is special because of its ease of use, scalability, and the vast array of features it provides, which cater to businesses of all sizes. It’s also renowned for its reliability and excellent customer support.

Can Shopify handle international transactions?

Yes, Shopify supports international transactions by allowing store owners to accept payments in various currencies and providing tools to set up international shipping and localize content. This is one of the biggest reasons to use Shopify that stores consider.

How does Shopify promote an online store?

Shopify offers various SEO tools that help enhance your store’s visibility in search engine results. Additionally, it supports integration with numerous marketing apps that can help promote your store through social media, email automation, and other marketing channels.


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